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What We Know About Earth 2.0 , Earth's Cousin Kepler-452b

1. Kepler Mission spacecraft has found the mysterious plane which called as earth 2.0.
2. The mysterious planet orbiting the star just like our sun
3. Has the similar energy radiated on the planet and distance with the earth and the sun.
4. Its temperature not too cold not too hot just suitable for living life there.NASA believe the organism could exist on that planet.
5. No chemical evidence from the planet to be studied because the spacecraft just flyby that planet.

6. Researchers only can give the data such as temperature and distance for references.
7. The distance between our earth and Kepler-452b is 1400 light years away. Meaning, the distance to the particle of light to travel for 1400 years.
8. The discovery for now only for searching the similarities from other planets in universe to earth.
9. NASA believes there are planets which have living organism from this finding.
10. In the mission to 'conquer' the planet, human being should considering science fiction movies such as stargate, star trek or star wars because the distance to reach the planet.

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