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Aircraft with Football Club Team Livery #Planespotting

The famous and colourful livery will attracting people to come closer. Thousands of plane livery around the world. Livery painted to the plane can be a trademark or registration for every airline company.From thousands liveries let see which fleet around the world painted their plane with Football team.

1. Arsenal FC - Emirates Boeing 777-21HLR | A6-EWJ

2. Barcelona FC - Qatar Airways Boeing 777-3DZER | A7-BAE

3. Harimau Muda FC (U-23 Malaysia Team) - Air Asia MAlaysia Airbus A320-216 | 9M-AFI

4. Liverpool FC - Garuda Indonesia Airbus A330-341 | PK-GPA

5. Manchester City FC - Etihad Airways Airbus A330-243 | A6-EYE

6. Manchester United FC - Aeroflot Airbus A321-211 | VP-BTL

7. Real Madrid FC - Emirates Boeing 777-300ER | A6-ECG

8. Queens Park Rangers FC - Air Asia Malaysia Airbus A320-216 | 9M-AFV

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