AirAsia Indonesia QZ8501 / AWQ 8501 Air Crash Investigation Preliminary Theory #QZ8501


1. Indonesia AirAsia QZ8501/AWQ8501 scheduled to arrived at Changi Airport singapore from Juanda International Airport surabaya, Indonesia at 8:30 a.m on 28th December 2014.

2. Manufactured by Airbus,A320-216, with registration number PK-AXC person on board (p.o.b) 155 passengers and seven crews on board.

3. Bad weather become the prime suspect for bring down airasia QZ8501.

4. The pilots requested to divert the plane from originated flight plan to avoid clouds (cumulonimbus cloud).


5. The cumulonimbus cloud is the worst enemy for the pilots to deal with. The pilots taught to avoid this kind of cloud in any circumstances.

6. The cumulonimbus cloud not only brings heavy precipitation but there are another harmful causes that can bring the QZ8501 down such as lightning, icing condition, turbulence and unstable upward and downward air flow. These combination is the best recipe to bring QZ8501 down.

7. The pilots requested to divert to the left and climb from FL320 (32000 ft) to FL380 (38000 ft). The official report from indonesia meteorological agency told that some of the cumulonimbus clouds on that day rising to a height of nearly 45000 ft had been observed in the plane's route. There is the chance for the QZ8501 to meet by the clouds.

8. Heavy precipitation does not give the main cause to bring down the plane, the visibility for the pilots just decrease.In the modern world of aircraft, that is not the big problem, big commercial aircraft such as Airbus A320-216 with sophisticated instrument the pilots not only depend on Visual Flying Rules (VFR) only and can rely on the instruments to aviate and navigate the plane (IFR).

9. Lightning from the cumulonimbus may be have a responsibility to bring down QZ8501, the current from lightning can interupt instruments attch in the cockpit or not. But the pilots can still cope with this situation because not all instruments are from electrical based there are also gyroscopic based instruments.In nowadays designation of modern aircraft, the body of the aircraft can resist when the lightning struck and earthing the current harmlessly.
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