New Arsenal Away Kits 2012/2013 Revealed: Pink and Purple ?

In conjunction with the maybe-want-away-unloyalty striker a.k.a robin van persie, this jersey could be 'mourning' design by nike football, maybe.I still prefer home kit which has combination of classic and modern element.

 Nice Purple and pink isn't ? hehe

I think nike has loss their ability in designing something sporty but they trying to challenge adidas or kappa design by this catchy and 'metrosexual' look maybe.

Lets catch what PES 2012 already know about this 'authentic design' har har har

 “I think the new design is really nice - I’m a guy who likes fashion and when I saw these colours, I was very happy. This kit is different to last season’s and I’m really excited to wear it. I might do something with my hair to match" - alex song bilong, arsenal defensive midfielder
A troll picture hehe:

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missnadira berkata... Reply To This Comment

dah tengok da prediction kit ni dulu..doa2 smoge xjadi..skali jadi jugak.*cungkil biji mata*
sian chesny kena pakai pink..da la home kit dia macam peter pan..sobs.:P

topo berkata... Reply To This Comment

aku masih cuba nak proses lagi cantik ke tak away kit ni hahaha

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